How many stars?

I believe there are two types of people in this world; people who read reviews before making a purchase, and people who suffer from buyer’s remorse.  My husband lands at the extreme end of the spectrum, reading EVERY review he can get his hand on.  I fall safely into the first category, though I’d rather just take an average.  I am always thankful that they are at my fingertips and hopeful that they’re on point. The reviews are there for the reading, from grocery items to major appliances and everything in between.

Now if you’ll follow me down a momentary detour, I’ll show you how this all connects… I promise.  I talk often about the Kid Lit community, and what a great bunch of people they are, collectively and individually.  As I get further in, I want to play a more active role.  The best way to support an author, of course, is to buy their book.  The problem is, if I bought every book I wanted, my family would be broke, and my house overrun with books of all genres.  I have to exercise great restraint when I walk into a bookstore or find myself doing a bit of online shopping.  I want to support authors of all walks of life, but I must keep my family fed. I’ve come across a couple of articles lately about ways to support authors that don’t cost any money, and they’ve stayed with me.  This morning it happened again, and so I decided I would share, and here the dots connect.

From what I’ve read, because I do still have the ‘aspiring’ prefix on my title of author, an online review is a big deal.  More specifically, an Amazon review is a big deal.  Good, bad or otherwise, all authors want reviews.  Whether you feel the book was a one star, five stars or something in between, they’d love to know why.  For one, authors are always honing their abilities and working to improve their craft.  Honest feedback is what writers live off of, and that doesn’t change when your book hits the shelves.  The second and equally important reason is that books with more reviews garner more attention.  I heard once that if a book receives 50 reviews on Amazon, it’ll start to show up on the “Customers who bought this item also bought” menu.  That’s free publicity, which is nothing short of a gold mine.  Shame on me, I’ve known this for a while now and I haven’t done anything about it.  So, we’ll do it together… right now, it’ll be the first of MANY Amazon reviews I contribute and I’ll start with one of my new favorite picture books.

>>>> pause for Amazon review<<<<<

Of the 21 previous reviews for this book, 81% gave 5 stars, so I’m not alone in my love for this precious book. I am happy to know that my review was number 22, one closer to the coveted 50 spot. I also gave the book five stars.  Here me out though, because I don’t believe in pouring on praise for work that doesn’t merit it.  I truly loved this book.  I also added a comment, but one with substance, specifics and hopeful expectation. (In case you’re wondering, I’m not sharing the title here… at least not yet). I want to reiterate, it’s not just the good reviews that are helpful.  ALL reviews are helpful. (To clarify and I know this goes without saying, but trolling, trashing and bashing, do not count as reviews.)  I know that I won’t love every book I read, and one day, when it’s my book receiving reviews (putting out good energy), there will be some ‘one stars’ for sure.  But if you like an author, appreciate a style, or just believe in good karma, leaving a kind and honest review is the way to go.  So, to wrap up this summertime Sunday evening… Do you have a favorite book? Library book? A loaner from a friend? Take a few minutes and write a few reviews, sending out good feels and warm fuzzies to the universe.  Whether it’s a picture book, self-help book, coffee table book or sci-fi/romance/who done it/thriller, there’s an author behind that book who’s just chasing a dream.

On Wednesday, we’ll be back to our #100picturebooksummer following a brief beach hiatus.

Thanks for reading, come back anytime!



One thought on “How many stars?

  1. Thanks for the info about Amazon! I did not know about the reviews. I’m going to go post some reviews now. I’m also hitting up our local librarian about ordering some books! One day, it will be OUR books people are leaving reviews for!!!


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