Week Four(ish) of Our #100PictureBookSummer

I sent my husband a text earlier that read, “I boycotted life today, don’t be alarmed.” I can’t even pretend otherwise, this has not been my best week.  I’m struggling to find time to write, struggling to find a schedule, struggling to keep my house clean and my summer time head above water.  What finally happened today? I quit trying.  I boycotted making my bed, the curtains stayed drawn, I didn’t chase after my kids with a broom and everyone’s pajamas are still in a ball on the floor. Mom tapped out (and almost forgot to write this post!)  All I wanted to do today, was curl up on my (messy) sofa with the tall stack of picture books we brought home and read.  Doesn’t that sound delicious?  Real life was filled with way too many plans, appointments and even a much-needed trip to the gym, so it didn’t happen.  Oh well, c’est la vie.

This is actually only one-half of our stack because we’re making up for lost time from last week. I haven’t given up hope that I’ll find the time to read today, but I am a little concerned that I’ll be able to wrangle my all-star review team into giving me some feedback.   This week, I approached them with a question in addition to asking about their favorites so far.  If you have Book Nerd Mommy’s entire list (http://www.booknerdmommy.com/100-picture-books-summer-reading), you’ll notice a few outliers this week.  We weren’t able to get our hands on every one that we were scheduled to read, and the kids were asking for a ‘kids choice’ so it worked out perfectly.   I also asked each about the book they chose.  I think each picked one that is super indicative of their own personalities.

So, I asked them… What was your favorite book from our list this week? Which extra book did you choose? Why do you love reading?

OC- I couldn’t help but get excited by her extra book, A Real Prince is Hard to Find.  I spent my childhood determined to marry a real prince… with my heart set on a specific one.  Long story short, Duchess Kate got him… I found my own prince charming. This sweet book introduces another generation of girls into the mystery and romance of the Royal Family, and Kate seems to be a wonderful role model. Her other favorite book is ABC vs 123.  She laughs out loud every time she reads it and loves the way it’s written in dialogue.  In her words, “reading helps me to always learn new words, I like the big words best of all.  Once I start reading a page, it just blows my mind wondering what will happen next.”

MC- His extra book was one I was very excited about, I am a huge fan of Kate Banks.  The Eraserheads is a bit of an off-shoot of her ‘Max’ series which I absolutely adore.  He was quick to choose this one from a few months back, and we’ve read it every night since.  He explained that the Owl Eraser Head was his favorite character in the story.  In his words, “I love reading because I want to know what happens (next).” One thing that’s not terribly surprising, he couldn’t choose a favorite from the list.  He’s a middle child after all… he wants to make all the books happy too.

YC- Chose Mr. Tiger Goes Wild, because, in his expert opinion “The Tiger (on the cover) looks cool”.  He’s at the age where he loves to sit alone and flip through pages, re-telling the story in his own words.  I love when I catch him in one of these moments.  I have no doubt the journey into his own imagination is always a delightful one.  Also, along the same lines, he adores Day Dreamers, especially “the flying fish cat”.


Here’s the rest of our stellar library haul, in a very mixed up order:

  1. Grandpa Green by Lane Smith
  2. Augustus and His Smile by Catherine Rayner
  3. Crash of Rhinos by Greg Danylyshyn & Stephan Lomp *substitute for Mamasaurus*
  4. A Visitor for Bear by Bonnie Becker & Kady MacDonald Denton
  5. Tiger Goes Wild by Peter Brown
  6. The Eraserheads by Kate Banks & Boris Kulikov
  7. Day Dreamers by Emily Winfield Martin
  8. Stuck by Oliver Jeffers
  9. A Real Prince is Hard to Find by Joanna Rivard & Adam Larkum
  10. ABC vs 123 by Mike Boldt *substitute for A Tiger Tail*

You’ll be happy to know that I did manage to squeeze a little sofa time in before the evening madness began… and it was worth the wait.

Thanks for reading, come back anytime!



2 thoughts on “Week Four(ish) of Our #100PictureBookSummer

  1. I can’t help but wonder what books they’ll bring to the farm. Or do they just want to play with the animals. Haha!


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