Willa wants a bite!

When Willa walked inside,

Her nose picked up a scent.

Today is Halloween!

She knew what that smell meant.


The cauldron, piping hot.

It was her favorite meal!

Just thinking of the stew

Made Willa want squeal.


She pleaded for a taste.

Her stomach gave a growl.

Mom said she’d have to wait.

She howled a hungry howl.


Then pulled on her costume

And shivered down the road.

She hoped when she returned

She’d have a candy load!


And after the last house

Shared all their tricks and treats

She raced home, just in time,

A frightfully good feast!



In my family, Halloween has become the de facto favorite holiday.  We all gather at my parent’s house and cousins in costumes trick or treat around the neighborhood while Nana & Papa pass out candy. After every house on the block has been hit up for candy, we all rush back and feast on her famous Taco Soup. Its (barely) controlled chaos and we all love it.  My contribution this year will be three Looney Toons characters; Daffy, Bugs and the Roadrunner to be exact. 

I hope that whatever your plans are tomorrow, the weather is wonderful, moods are cheerful and there is plenty of the good candy to go around.  The story above is my entry into Susanna Leonard Hill’s Halloweensie contest.  The rules are simple, 100 words or less, must take place on Halloween and incorporate three words decided on by Her Majesty, Queen of Contests (Susanna, of course) at the start; this year’s words are cauldron, howl, and shiver. (I checked all the boxes and had one word to spare!  Plus, I’ve never entered a rhyme before!) If you have any extra time, head over to her website and check out all of the fantastic entries!

Thanks for reading, come back anytime!




19 thoughts on “Willa wants a bite!

  1. Love your story! Good luck in the contest! My son is already thinking how he can maximize his candy haul, including going to house at the very end of the trick-or-treating to see if they’re trying to get rid of any extras. Ack!


  2. What a playful poem that honors our ever so lively Halloween family tradition !!! 💛

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    • Well I sure did! And she would have too, except ‘stew’ fit the rhyme better than ‘soup’… splitting hairs though if you ask me. Thanks for your kind words! I enjoyed your entries! Good luck to you.


  3. Delightful entry, Jennifer! Love how you based it on your own family experience 🙂 What fun to trick-or-treat and then come home to a delicious family meal and time to examine your loot! Thanks for joining in the Halloweensie fun, and great job with your first rhyming entry!


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