#50PreciousWords : Tooth Trouble

Tooth Trouble
Everyone had an idea for his wiggly tooth,
but Pat only did things when he was ready.
“Eat an apple!”
“No thanks.”
“String and a doorknob!”
“Not yet!”
“Let me give it a tug!”
“No way!”
One day, at lunch, he knew it was time.

Deep breath.



tooth trouble

This isn’t my first contest entry, nor my first #50PreciousWords entry. This IS, however, my first NON-FICTION entry. In fact, it’s the first non-fiction story I’ve ever written. Sending a shout out to my middle child, Patrick and his obnoxiously wiggly tooth for inspiration. Here’s something I bet you didn’t know… nurses can handle a lot, but our training never involves wiggly teeth. (Enter grossed out emoji). In fact, this tooth was SO LOOSE that I had a hard time looking at my handsome boy because of the way it … dangled. (Sorry for the graphic description.) Anyway, this was the second of his front two teeth to fall out, fourth overall but the first he pulled himself and my boy was PROUD. The story goes, he was sitting in the cafeteria at school and ‘knew it was time’, grabbed a napkin from his stack and ‘just pulled, Mom.’

Yeah, that’s about it. It wasn’t a super involved story, which is why I could sum it up in #50PreciousWords. We do call him Toothless P now and that’s fun.

Best of luck to all who entered (and those who planning on it)! I’ve read so many fantastic entries so far… and there are still three days to go!

Thanks for reading, come back anytime!

8 thoughts on “#50PreciousWords : Tooth Trouble

  1. Love that kiddo and his way with life!!!
    Great true story Mom 🙂
    I can imagine hearing the suggestions
    with Patrick and imagine the moment
    he was ready to take matters in his own hands 😂
    cpg 💛


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